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Szukaj w serwisie

prof. dr hab. Joanna Kotowicz-Jawor

1) Dane osobowe
Imię i nazwisko: prof. dr hab. Joanna Kotowicz-Jawor

2) Adres zamieszkania, numer telefonu, numer faksu, email
  • Adres do korespondencji: Sanocka 5/3, 02-110 Warszawa, mazowieckie, Polska
  • numer telefonu: (22) 656 64 28
  • numer faksu: (22) 656 64 26
  • E-mail:

3) Miejsca zatrudnienia, członkostwa i funkcje i zajmowane stanowiska
  • Instytut Nauk Ekonomicznych PAN ;
  • ul. Nowy Świat 72, 00-330 Warszawa, mazowieckie, Polska

4) Information on the number of citations and the h-index for the HS (Social Sciences and Humanities) panels of disciplines, where possible please indicate:
  • source: Publish or Perish
  • total number of citations excluding self-citations: 102 the h-index: 6

5) Academic and Research Career (in English)
(Institution, Department/Facuity or any other Research Unit, Academic Training, Date of obtaining Academic Degree)
  1. The Polish Academy of Sciences. Divisions of Polish Academy of Sciences; Division I - Social Sciences; Committee of Economic Sciences, Deputy to the Chair
  2. The Institute of Economics of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Division of Microeconomics
  3. Polish Academy of Sciences; The Presidium of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Forecasts Committee ?Poland 2000 Plus"; Member
Date of obtaining Academic Degree
Master-the Main School of Foreign Service, Diplomatic and Consular Faculty, 16.06.1961 Doctor of Economics-The Institute of Planning, 06.02.1978 Associate Professor-The Instimte of National Economy, 15.06.1988 Professor - University of Warsaw', Economic Sciences Faculty. 08.07.1997

Scientific history
  • 1962-1968 - Assistant, Senior Assistant - the Main School of Planning and Statistics 1968-1981-Senior Assistant, Adjunct, Deputy to the Head of Department, the Institute of Planning,
  • 1982-1991-Associate Professor, Head of Department, the Institute of National Economy,
  • 1991-2000-Professor (since 1997 full professor). Head of Department, the Institute of Development and Strategic Studies, 2001-2004-Deputy to the Director for Scientific Affairs, the Institute of Economics of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Since 2000-full professor, the Institute of Economics of The Polish Academy of Sciences
  • Since 2003 the Head of the Microeconomics Department, the Institute of Economics of the Polish Academy of Sciences, 1999-2012 full professor, Economic Sciences Department, University of Warsaw

6) Scientific achievements for HS (Social Sciences and Humanities) (in English) up to 10 most important works published over the period of 10 years prior to the submission of the proposal. During the evaluation emphasis will be put on the quality of the publications, la. if they are listed by the ERIH, JCR, their nationwide or international impact (where possible, please indicate current five-year table.tabb tr td {border: 1px solid black; text-align: center} table.tabb tr th {border: 1px solid black; text-align: center; font-weight: bold}
No Author(s) Orginal title (and its English translation if the work has not been published in English) Journal (volume, pages) / monograph or monograph by many authors (editor(s), place, publisher, pages. Important note: please do not translate into English journals' and monographs' titles) Year of publication Current five-year impact factor Total number of citations excluding self­citations
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
1 Kotowicz-Jawor Joanna (editor) Adaptacja polskich przedsiębiorstw do rynku UE (Adaptation of Polish Enterprises to the EU Market) Key Text, Warsaw, p. 175 2008 0,000 5
2 Kotowicz-Jawor Joanna Polish Enterprises on the Way to the Knowledge Based Economy Studia Ekonomiczne, vol. 1-2/2008, p.33-43 2008 0,000 0
3 Kotowicz-Jawor Joanna (editor) Polska i Rosja na drodze do innowacyjnego rozwoju (Poland and Russia on the Way to Innovative Development) INE PAN, KNE PAN, Warsaw, p. 247 2008 0,000 0
4 Kotowicz-Jawor Joanna Dostosowania polskich przedsiębiorstw do rynku UE (Adaptation of Polish Enteiprises to the EU Market) O kształtowaniu ładu gospodarczego, eds. E. Mączyńska, Z. Sadowski. PTE, Warsaw 2008. p. 205-217 2008 0,000 0
5 Kotowicz-Jawor Joanna (editor) GOW - wyzwanie dla Polski (Knowledge Economy: Challenges for Poland) PTE, Warsaw, p. 478 2009 0,000 0
6 Kotowicz-Jawor Joanna (editor) Polska i Rosja, państwo i gospodarka w perspektywie XXI wieku (Poland and Russia: The State and Economy in the Perspective of XXI Century) Key Text, Warsaw, p. 268 2010 0,000 0
7 Kotowicz-Jawor Joanna 2010 Wzrost bezinwestycyjny (Non-investment Growth) Inwestycje zagraniczne w Polsce, Institute for Market, Consumption and Business Cycles Research, Warsaw, p. 108-119 0,000 0
8 Kotowicz-Jawor Joanna (editor) 2012 Wpływ funduszy strukturalnych na transfer wiedzy z sektora B+R do przedsiębiorstw (The Impact of Structural Funds on the Transfer of Knowledge from the R&D Sector to Enterprises) Key Text, Warsaw, p. 292 0,000 0
9 Kotowicz-Jawor Joanna (editor) 2012 Gospodarka rynkowa wobec nowych wyzwań: Polska i Rosja (Market Economy Facing New Challenges: Poland and Russia) KNE PAN, Warsaw, p. 265 0,000 0
10 Kotowicz-Jawor Joanna (editor) 2013 Polska i Rosja w procesie globalnej integracji i dywersyfikacji (Poland and Russia in the Process of Global Integration and Diversification) INE PAN, KNE PAN, Warsaw, p. 228 0,000 0
11 Kotowicz-Jawor Joanna (editor) 2013 Polska i Rosja w procesie globalnej integracji i dywersyfikacji KNE 0,000 0
12 Kotowicz-Jawor Joanna, Stefan Krajeński, Ewa Okoń-Horodyńska(editor) 2015 Determinanty rozwoju Polski. Polityka innowacyjna PTE 0,000 0

7) Research projects led: both on-going and carried out in the period of 5 years prior to the submission of the proposal1 (only those to which one contributed as the Principal Investigator, "Kierownik" in Polish), funded under national and international funding schemes (in English)
This period does not include maternity/paternity leave or parental leave granted in compliance with the employment code. (lilies and ID numbers of projects, sources of funding, dates and places ofproject implementation and the list of the most important publications resulting from each project)

Nature of contribution in the project: Head of the project
Project title: The Impact of EU Structural Funds on the Transfer of Knowledge to Enterprises Project ID: NN 112 001838
Sources of funding: Ministry of Science and Higher Education Amount of funding: 150 000,00 PLN
Places of project implementation: Institute of Economic Sciences Polish Academy of Sciences Project duration (years): 2010-2012
List of the most important publications: Wpływ funduszy strukturalnych UE na transfer wiedzy do przedsiębiorstw (The Impact of Structural Funds on the Transfer of Knowledge from the R&D Sector to Enterprises), ed. J. Kotowicz-Jawor, Key Text, Warsaw 2012.

8) Information on similar research tasks funded from various sources (including the NCN) and tasks in projects submitted
under current calls for proposals published by the NCN (in English)
(project title, ID number ofproject, principal investigator, main research tasks, source offunding, justification of the need to fund the proposed research tasks in the light of similar tasks listed above)

9) Research Achievements in Poland and abroad over the past 10 years (in English)
(country, institution, type of research expedition, duration)
Experience in the area of market transformation of Polish economy and the adaptation of Polish enterprises to the new conditions within execution of a joint research project - Determinants of Competitiveness of French and Polish Small and Medium Size Enterprises on the Broadened EU Market with Panthéon-Sorbonne Economie, Université Paris I in 2007. Many years of joint research works with the Institute of Economics of the Russian Academy of Sciences within the Joint Committee of Economist PAN and RAN. The works involved a wide range of issues connected with the central problems of the strategy of development of both countries, their structural and system transformations. Scientific activity in Poland focused mainly on such blocks as: functioning of the development mechanism of a company, determinants of the innovativeness and competitiveness growth, the impact of the EU structurai funds on the transfer of knowledge to enterprises, pillars of social-economic development of Poland, mainly investments. These studies were both theoretical and practical. Their results were implemented by the economic practice on the macro and microeconomic levels.
The above mentioned research areas became the basis for the didactic activity at the Department of Economic Sciences at the University of Warsaw (Chair of the Theory of Economic Development).

10) Most important international and prestigious Polish scientific prizes and awards (in English)
(type of pnze/award, place and date)
  • Award of the Chairman of the Division I of the Polish Academy of Sciences for the organizational and scientific work in the Joint Committee of Economists PAN RAN (2.12.2004).
  • Doctor Honoris Causa of the Institute of Economics of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 2004.
  • E. Lipinski Medal for the competition winners for the book of the year in the field of economic sciences, PTE (November 2004).
  • Officer's Cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta awarded by the President of Poland for the lifetime achievements in science, Warsaw 2005.
  • Medal for the input in the development of Polish public statistics on the occasion of the 95th anniversary of the Polish Central Statistical Office and the International Year of Statistics, November 2013.

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